Who are we?

Native Planet Classic
Native Planet Cycling is a group of riders who are passionate about climbing hills with like-minded cyclists. If you like a challenge & beautiful scenery, you picked the right group. We do love climbing hills and this has been and will continue to be the focus of many of our rides. This may seem intimidating, but we find that climbing actually brings cyclists of varying abilities together, sharing a common experience and camaraderie, much more so than long flat rides. You’ll find that many of our rides are highly modular, designed so that the individual cyclist can customize both the distance and the level of challenge. All friendly cyclists are welcome to our rides, so invite your friends and join our group. This blog is only a cyber-portal to point you to our active group on Facebook. This group is used to socialize with your fellow cyclists, exhange information, post and learn about rides and other group activities. Come over and join us.


  1. Public Notice: Special Event, Seattle HEMPFEST®
    August 18, 19, 20 at Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks.

    BICYCLE RIDERS and PEDESTRIANS: During Set-up and Tear-Down Mon-Thurs (August 14-17), and Mon-Wed (August 21-23) during the times from 7:30-8:30 am the parks will be vehicle free on both the east & west paths of Myrtle Edwards and Centennial parks.

    Hempfest vehicle traffic is suspended for that hour during weekday set-up and tear-down to respect morning bike commuters who use the parks.

    During other working days/hours of set-up and tear-down (8:30 – 6:00pm) bicycles and pedestrians are (for their own safety) required to utilize the west (water side) path. There may be very temporary deviations, please follow the guidance and instructions of traffic crew wearing orange safety vests.

    The reason for the west path use is because there will be intermittent vehicle use and large truck deliveries using the east (railroad side) path during set-up and tear-down days, throughout the day. This is for your safety.

    Bicyclists routinely go at such high speeds through the parks that vehicle drivers cannot adequately see bikes in time, especially on the curves throughout the parks. The west path should be vehicle free (with very brief exceptions, controlled by vested traffic monitors) all day during set-up and tear-down days/hours.

    For public safety, BICYCLE RIDERS MUST DISMOUNT during Seattle Hempfest August 18, 19, 20. ALL DAYS, ALL HOURS.

    If attending HEMPFEST bicycles should enter through the North entrance in Centennial Park to utilize the bike racks, or use the bike racks at Bay and Elliot. Attaching bikes to the fence at Olympic Sculpture Park is not allowed.

    This will be our 23rd year at this location. We apologize for the temporary disruption.

  2. Tour De Lacey & More

    My name is Karen Chang Barr and I’m a member of the Gateway Rotary Club of Lacey. I am reaching out to you because we’d like to invite you and your Club members to the Tour de Lacey, an organized community ride, which begins and ends at Huntamer Park in Lacey, Washington. This fun-filled event is raising funds to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County, while increasing appreciation for the amazing parks and trails in Lacey, and surrounding areas. Open to all levels of cycling experience, routes include 8 to 45 mile circuits. Advance registration is preferred but you may also register on the day of the event. Registrations are being taken at www.tourdelacey.com.

    We are also hosting the Brats, Brews & Bands event, which is an age 21+ fundraising event, also put on by the Gateway Rotary Club and will feature local bands, a large selection of craft beers and wine, and specialty brats and other food. Proceeds from this rocking party are donated to selected local nonprofits focused on serving youth in a variety of areas. We would love for your club members to join us to close out summer with a bash to remember-- and feel good about supporting our community. The event has a $10 per person admission. Tickets may be purchased online at www.bratbrewsandbands.com, at the gate or from any GatewayRotary.net member.

    We would appreciate you passing this information on to your Club members. Please reach out to me (karen@hoonui.net), or Trudy Soucoup (executivedirector@homesfirst.org), Gateway Rotary Club PR Committee Chair, if you have any questions.

  3. Hello!

    I hope your week is going well so far! My name is Stacey and I work with Green Cleaning Seattle, an eco-friendly house cleaning company that cleans homes without toxic chemicals all over the Seattle area!

    As of this past year, we have added yet another layer to our environmentally conscious business that already includes chicken and bee keeping, a solar powered office, a laundry-to-landscape towel washing program and cistern-watered yard with edible plants. That layer was a fleet of Electric Powered cargo bikes! (see attached picture of me and one of our fleet at Cascade Bicycle Club's world record breaking day!) We are currently getting everything in order for this new program and are on the verge of recruiting new cleaners that are excited to bike to their clients home, gear and all.

    That is why I am reaching out to you! I am curious to know if you might have a forum, newsletter or place on your social media or website that might be appropriate for us to list this rad job posting. It is exactly members of your community that would be best fit for this job as we need folks that are not only competent bikers, but know well the rules of the road, are adept to biking in traffic and have either used eBikes before or are capable of learning them quickly. There are of course additional details for the job posting (pay, benefits and other position information) but I wanted to do a preliminary reaching out to you first!

    Please let me know your thoughts on this request at your soonest convenience. We really look forward to working with you!


    Stacey and Green Cleaning Seattle


You can contact us through this page, but remember that our main communication tool is our Facebook page: Native Planet Cycling